Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hair Bows

Do you want something fun and quirky? Well, a hair bow may be right up your alley. Hair bows are super cute and very original. It's not very often you see everyone trending a hair bow. 

The great thing about hair bows is that they can be taken to from day to night. They can be dresses up and down. So they are really versatile. 
Another plus is that they are super super easy. They take 5-10 minutes, so can easily be done in the morning rush.

All you need is a hair ties and a few bobby pins.

  1. First put your hair up in a high ponytail but before you put through the last loop make a bun.
  2. Next carefully section the bun in half evenly.
  3. Separate the halves by pulling apart. 
  4. Put each side to the side of your ponytail with a few bobby pins until it is secure. ( for a better example of what it looks like look above at my pictures)
  5. Now you should have this little tail in the front from the bun, next you flip that to the back so it looks like the center of a bow. Use a bobby pin to secure that. 
  6. All Done!

There you have it a hair bow. If my instructions are too confusing, I am so sorry. I am really working hard on my communication skills. If there are problems, you can comment and you can always search for a good video. This video is pretty good tutorial. 



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