Sunday, February 17, 2013

Boxed cakes in a pinch.

If your are like me, you are always in a hurry and need a cake in a pinch. I sometimes have to use boxed cake mixes. And as you know, boxed cakes mixes just don't taste as good as cakes made from scratch. So if you are in a pinch and need a cake in a hurry, use a boxed cake mix with these minor but amazing adjustments.

So, all you have to do to make a box cake taste bettter is to follow these few simple steps.
If your cake mix asks you to use oil, use butter instead and double the amount. So if it asks for a 1/2 cup of oil, use 1 cup of butter instead.Next, when the mix asks for eggs add 1 or 2 extra eggs. Lasltly, the mix will asks for water, use milk instead.Even with these few adjustment, you still bake the cake at the same temperature and time that it says.
If you follow these few simple steps, you won't be able to tell that you even used abox cake.
Good luck and have fun baking.

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