Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fishtail Side-do

Do you need a super cute hairstyle that looks intricate with out a huge hassle? Well over Christmas, I did this cute and rather simple braided do on my sister. As long as you know how to french fishtail braid diagonally then you can do this hairstyle. 

My instructions are most likely are really confusing, but this hair style is really simple. SO you could probably just look at the pictures to understand what you need to do.

But if you are brave and want to try out my instruction they are below, good luck!

To do this hairstyle follow these few simple steps:

All you need is a rubber band or two, bobby pins, and if you want to a cute pin or flower.
  1. Starting at either the left or right top side of your hair pick up two 1/2-1 inch pieces of your hair. Then french fishtail braid diagonally down to the other side of your head braiding all the way the to the ends.
  2. Next you need tie that braid back with a rubber band so that it doesn't come undone. ( I usually a black or clear band, so that it isn't as visible)
  3. After you should gently wrap the braid into a bun or, for lack of a better description, wrap the braid where the braid diagonally is and coil or wrap it into a bun type thing like it is pictured above. (wrap the end of the braid under the bun so that the band isn't visible)
  4. Secure it with bobby pins. 
  5. Put a hair accessory where you like to make it even prettier.   

If my instruction were to confusing, please tell me so. PLEASE. Leave a comment below to tell me what was confusing and/or how I can make them better.


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