Friday, February 22, 2013

Foil Curls

Did you read the title and say "What"?  Well I can reasure you that these curls are so adorable. I have done many types of curling and this one was really insteresting. I was experimenting and after some research I found this type of curling, and I had to try it out for myself.
If you have problems getting your hair to curl with a curling iron, try this technique. You might find that it works for you. My sister, who I first tried this haristyle on, has extremely long, thick straight hair. And so as you maybe able to infer, her hair doesn't always hold curl well. But these curls held fairly well. With hairspray these curls held really well in her hair.
To do this hairstyle you will need:
Foil (cut into squares or rectangles)
hair straightener

Seems simple, right?
  1. The size of your foils pieces depends on how long your hair is and how loose you want your curls. I average size of my foil pieces was about 6 x 8 and that was for my sisters long hair. The smallest you would want to go is 4 x 6.
  2. Before coiling your hair, brush through your hair to get rid of tangles. After, coil a strand of hair about 1-2 inches thick around your fingers. I used 3 fingers for a looser curl, and use 1 finger for trighter curls.
  3.   Fold a piece of foil around the coiled strand. To do this place the coiled hair on foil, then fold foil in half, and the fold up. Then fold the sides in if there is extra foil room. 

4. Repeat this step until you have gone all the way around your head putting all the hair in foil.

 5. Using your hair straightener, heat the foil. For larger curls, 40-50 seconds, and for smaller curls, 20-30 seconds. I did mine for about 30-40 seconds. 
6. After doing this to each piece of foil, let your hair cool completely. After it is cool, unwrap each foil. The foil slides of but it can make your hair frizzy, so I would unwrap each gently to keep from getting frizzy. 

You can hair spray, if you would like but you don't have to. Style with the curls as you want or leave them the way they are because they are just so great.

 And there you have it, foil curls. Try it and you won't be disappointed, I wasn't. Good luck and don't forget to have fun! If any of of my instructions are unclear, please comment.

 **One side note my sister who I did this hairstyle on has very thick and straight hair. So her hair doesn't always curl well. So the curls may very in size and bounce depending on hair type and how thick you make each coil.