Sunday, May 5, 2013

A curly do.

Hello everyone! It's been much to long since I have updated anything. I have been super busy with so many wonderful things. One of these wonderful things was prom, I recently had prom, and for my prom I did my hair and three of my friends' hair (which was a lot). And then I styled four more people's hair for a different prom which was 2 weeks after mine. With that alone I have kept busy. But on top of that the school year is starting to wind down (thank goodness!), and with that happening teachers are piling the homework on to us and I am having difficulties with trigonometry which does not help the situation. And about 3 weeks ago, the play which I had been working on for 2 or 3 months was finally over with which was bitter sweet (mostly sweet, though). To make things even better I have this cold or something which is just peachy. And with this cold, I have a solo in my choir concert this week, hopefully I will be better by then (fingers crossed!).

But since the prom season for me is finally over with, I wanted to make a new post. And this new post is about a curly hair style  I did on my sister's hair. She has amazing long soft hair and is just so much fun to play with but she doesn't let me do so very often. But when she does it is like opening presents on Christmas morning (slightly exaggerated). This hairstyle that you will see was for a formal 8th grader thing at her grade school. It was so pretty!

To do this curly do you will need:

  • 1/2 inch- 3/4 inch curling iron. Or if you have a curling wand that will work to. (I didn't use a curling wand because mine was broken, so instead just wrap the hair around the barrel of a normal curling iron and don't use the clip)
  • bobby pins
  • flower or some other cute hair accessory 
  • hair spray and a heat protectant (to keep from getting damaged from heat)
  • comb to tease hair
  • clips to section hair
To do this hairstyle:

  1. First start by sectioning the hair to curl. I just did a standard section by doing the bottom section first and then a middle section and so on.
  2. Next get a piece of hair 1/2 to 1 inch thick. It depends on how big and thick you want the curls to be. I did most of mine about 1/2 inch thick. 
  3. After getting a piece of hair wrap the hair around the barrel. Leave it on the barrel for 10- 30 seconds and this to depends on how hot your curling iron is. Make sure not to leave it on there for to long. 
  4. Continue doing this until you have done this to all the hair. Make sure to hair spray your hair after each section or spray after curling it all.
  5. After curling all the hair, comb back from the top your head to the crown. Then tease the hair near the crown to give the hair some volume. 
  6. The hair that you just combed back and teased at the crown pin back with bobby pins at the back of the head in the middle. Make sure that on each side you take about the same amount so it looks even. Also make sure hair in front of the ears is pinned back with it. 
  7. After sufficiently bobby pinning, put the flower or other hair accessory in the middle where the bobby pins are. I placed mine right over the bobby pins so that the pins could not be seen. 
  8. Spray hair once more with hair spray with good measure.

And voila you are done!
... It's that easy. And rather adorable. Hope my instruction weren't unbearable and weren't to confusing. Remember have fun!


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