Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hair Ideas for PROM.

So, I am going with this series posts themed around Prom which is coming up. And while I was looking for hair ideas for some of the girl's hair I will be doing for Prom, I thought that I should help you find and give tip for your hair for Prom. 

On this trek through the internet, I found so many wonderful sites that were full of advice and different unique hairstyles. Some of them were better then others. 

The first site I found was full of so many different articles about different styles and hairstyles for different lengths of hair. It is called Latest- Hairstyles. It had details for each style about how a person could do that hairstyle. And it pretty cool. You should definitely check it out. 

The next site was from It was very detailed. And it had all the hairstyle prom trends for 2013. With every type of hairstyle there were examples and details about what you would need to do the hairstyle and what type of hair is best for it. 

The other site that I loved was at Seventeen. This article had all the hair trends for Prom in 2013. It explained with each hairstyle how to do the style. Definitely take a look.

I will have a more detailed post to come for hair trends, styles, and tips to come up. Until check out these websites because they are pretty great. 
I also wanted to tell you to also check out Pinterest because they are some really good hair boards on Pinterest. 
Until next time, have fun and good luck!


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